Aquarium Outlet Screen OTS
made of stainless steel and teflon (PTFE) - screens can be replaced quickly and easily and are available invarious mesh sizes - customized connections - available in diametres ranging from 50 to 90mm

Aquarium Outlet Screens OFS
made of stainless steel and polypropylene (welded) - customized connections - available in various mesh sizes - diametres ranging from 40 to 80mm

Aquarium equipped with outlet screen OTS and embryo cup GTS

Aquarium cleaning device

Embryo cup (snap-in system)

Consists of glass, stainless steel and teflon and can be disassembled in seconds for cleaning and changing mesh size.

Can also be used as screening cage in our daphnia culture or feeding system. Offspring is separated from adults by movement and attracting them by a focused  light source.