precision proportional diluters and exposure systems for flow-through studies of fish, daphnia, tadpoles etc. and with up to 10 replicates - toxicant delivery systems that accurately deliver small volumes of stock solutions for bioaccumulation tests e.g. with radioactive substances - water purification systems - systems to prepare waste water for toxicity testing - aeration systems for aquaria - systems to osciliate embryo cups - stationary and mobile heating- and cooling systems - test substance delivery systems to achieve variable test concentrations over time, e.g. to simulate a pulse dose - systems to prepare saturated solutions of sparingly soluble substances - siphoning systems to remove debris from aquaria - embryo cups (glass, stainless steel) - large surface aquarium screens to keep organism from escaping (customized connection) - flow-splitters to create up to 10 replicates - light control systems with transition periods between light and dark - toxicant delivery Systems with up to 5 replicate concentrations - fish holding and culturing systems - automatic daphnia- and algae culture

All systems are made of aluminum profiles and are expandable

The systems are custom-built to exactly match your needs and fit into your existing location.