The production of sprouts under controlled conditions of exposure of seeds on artificial soil is a commonly used technology in the field of agricultural research and development of products for crop protection. Sprouts grown on aritificial soil are also frequently used for commercial production of vegetabels and horticulture. Controlled environmental conditions such as humidity, light and temperature secure a homogeneous production of strong and healthy sprouts.


Existing sprout-sprayers operate on a flow through system and require excessively large quantities of fresh or demineralised water. In order to maintain the desired temperature of the chambers and the water the investment in energy is considerable. Operating cost and energy saving requirements as well as the need to have a better temperature control suggested a completely new design and mode of operation of sprout sprayers. PEQUITEC in collaboration with users of sprout-sprayers has completely redesigned the spraying system. The PEQUITEC sprout sprayer is recycling the water by passing it through a filter system which also biodegrades organic matter carried with the water after the contact with the seeds and sprouts. Doing so and operating the sprayer with a small quantity of water the energy needed to maintain the required temperature is minimal. Maintaining the whole system in a closed insulated chamber facilitates the temperature control. Under normal operating conditions the variation does not exceed a value of 0,2°C from the preset temperature.