Modified Mount & Brungs Proportional Diluter for fish toxicity testing under flow through conditions for 6 test concentrations with freely variable concentration factors from 1.8 to 2.3, vehicle control and fresh water control. This unit can optionally be equipped with a proportional compensation of the vehicle to insure identical vehicle concentrations, excluding fresh water control, at all test concentrations. For testing in duplicate each test concentration can be separated into 4 equal volumes. The range of concentrations can be adapted to a large extent to the request of the user. An electronic control and monitoring system shuts down the operation automatically to avoid changes in test concentration in case of malfunction and triggers a local or remote alarm.

The maximum total delivery achievable is 120 to 140 litres per hour equivalent to 17 to 20 litres per hour and per test concentration.



Proportional Diluter Tox 3 Factor 2

Latest version of our Tox 3 Proportional Diluter featuring contactless level control, medium separated valves and automatic cleaning procedure.
Chambers and pipes can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning purposes.