PEQIDAF Daphnia flow through test system

Now available for rent:

The System is ideal for conducting eg. daphnia reproduction test.

Concentrations: 5
Replicates: 10
Factor: 1.6 - 2.3
Solvent control
blanc control
Equal solvent concentration at each concentration

Rental price example:
Location: Frankfurt (Distanz 340km)
Rental period: 5 weeks
Included is transport, installation, training        CHF 7'332.--


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PEQIDAF is a unit for the performance of daphnia acute toxicity or reproduction tests under flow through conditions. It insures constant test concentrations during the whole duration of a test and considerably reduces the man hours required for the daily renewal of the test solutions in replicate.

This apparatus consists of a PEQITOX 3 Modified Mount & Brungs Proportional Diluter completed by a dispenser of feed (algae and vitamins), a distributor for the even distribution of the 5 test solutions, vehicle control and fresh water control to up to 10 replicates and an exposure chamber capable to accommodate up to 70 beakers of 100ml volume. The exposure chamber is equipped with fluorescent light, automatic day/night simulation system and dimmer.

The unit is designed to be placed in a temperature controlled room. If such rooms are not available a cabin maintaining the temperature of the complete unit at 18 - 25 ± 0.5 C° can be supplied as an option.

Automatic Daphnia Feeding & Culture System with integrated Algae Culture

               Now available for rent:


Automatic Daphnia Feeding & Culture System with integrated Algae Culture

Algae culture 3 x 500ml - lighting 2 x 18W - algae density controlled - daphnia culture 10 x 500ml - lighting 36W - day-night simulation - algae reservoir 100ml - feeding amount can be adjusted for each beaker - interval 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5h - batch 0.1ml - dimensions 196cm x 24cm x 51cm - voltage 230VAC

                                                                                                                                         Rental Price: CHF 140.-- per week

A Starter Kit is available for CHF 168.-- and includes:
50 Daphnia Magna
12 Liter Water
1dl Nutrient Solution
1dl Algae

For more information call us at  +41 (0) 62 794 22 05 or send us an email:


VDS-21 is a pulse dose unit for simulating variation or degradation of concentrations as  occurring in nature.
Concentration trends can be entered into an operator terminal or transferred from an excel sheet. The unit is equipped with a printer for continuos printout of actual values.


Dosing-System with Linear drive (see LinDos)