In order to offer a reliable, versatile, easy to operate and cost-efficient flow-through test system, we developed the LinDos diluter.


With LinDos, you get our ultimate diluter system comprising many years of experience as well as the knowledge and experience of different laboratories. LinDos is based on a gravimetric measuring system providing high accuracy even when applying high factors between concentrations. As the diluter consists of reliable components and is well proofed, you do not have to worry about servicing costs or unexpected problems. LinDos is delivered worldwide and installed quickly.




The unique advantages of the LinDos system become obvious when you start working:



·            Easy and quick set-up

·            Preparation of a single stock solution

·            Simple entry of test data into  display,

      mistakes are very unlikely

·            Randomized arrangement of aquaria.

·           Reliable operation even

      with lake or waste water

·            Minimized effort for cleaning and 



Additional advantages unveil when looking at the specifications of the LinDos diluter exemplified by the standard version which corresponds to a complete diluter and testing system with support frame:  




·            8 concentrations, solvent and blank control,

      4 replicates

·           Equal  solvent  concentration at each  test 

·           Factor between concentrations freely 

      selectable range of 1.5-10

·            Up to 15 daily renewals of the tank volume

      possible flow rates up to 4000 L/day




LinDos is built as a modular system providing the advantages of a standard system of which you only buy the individual modules you need, such as:


·            Aquaria support frame with drainage system

·            Aquaria with outlet screens

·            Heating/cooling system

·            Water bath

·            Day/Night simulation

·            Embryo cups with rocking arm apparatus

·            Piping, mixing chamber and pump for equal solvent concentrations

·            Water preparation unit

·            Preparation unit for reconstituted water



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