The following products are available:

  • Algae Culture System
  • Daphnia Culture System
  • Daphnia Acute Toxicity Test-System
  • Daphnia Flow Through Test-System



DAF 36 provides a cost-efficient solution to culture your own Daphnia

-          Automatic addition of food into 36 individually controlled 500ml beakers, interval 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5h

-          Integrated algae density indicator

-          Day-night simulation with transition period of up to 30min, intensity adjustable between 100 – 3000 Lux, colour rendering index 98%

-          Night lighting

-          Semi-automatic separation of offspring from adults

-          120ml algae dosing chambers with stirrer

-          Operator terminal for simple and intuitive operation

-          Dimensions 164cm x 24cm x 130cm

-          Voltage 230VAC, current consumption 0.66 A


Algae Culture System ACS5 and ACS10



Optional for improved growth rate.

In addition to the aeration CO2 injection.

Interval is adjustable.



Algae culture system with 5 or 10 beakers containing 800 ml each.
The system is equipped with an aeration system and a rotary table
underneath each beaker.


This combination provides excellent results as it prevents deposits,ensures even algae concentration in every part of the beaker and optimal aeration.


5 glass beakers (800 ml)
5 rotary tables
(Intermittent operation: ¼ revolution every 2½ minutes.)


3x 18W fluorescent lighting
Lighting Intensity is approx 5000 LUX
measured at level of 600ml in beaker,

 (As an option intensity control is available)


Internal air pumps
Distribution valves to ensure equal aeration in each beaker
Intermittent operation: 30 seconds every 2½ minutes).


Temperature control is available upon request.



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